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Educator of the Year Award
Educator of the Year Award 2017

The Educator of the Year Award (EYA) began in 2012 and focuses public attention on excellence in education. The Educator of the Year is nominated by district personnel or community members. A committee comprised of 2 Evergreen School District Foundation board members and 2 Evergreen School District personnel will select the Educator of the Year. The nominations will open January 1, 2017 and close February 22, 2017 5pm. The Educator of the Year Award will be announced March 2017.   The winner and one guest will be asked to join ESDF at our annual Silent Auction and Dinner Gala being held Saturday March 25, 2017 at Warehouse 23 where they will be present the award on stage.

For the Nominator
Please write a summary, 500 words or less, explaining why you think this person deserves to be 2017 Educator of the Year using the selection criteria. Submit it via the form at the right...

Criteria for Selection
A nominee for Educator of the Year Award is for an exceptionally inspiring, committed, and dedicated educator. 

Please include how the nominee has fulfilled each of the following criteria:

1.  Impacted and influenced student learning (E.g. Student achievement; student involvement) 
2.  Inspired and provided support for student success (E.g. Help students overcome challenges; develop life skills/provide guidance) 
3.  Vision and commitment to equity for all students 

Include one or two recommendation letters each of which may be only one (1) page.

For any questions please contact Rebecca Bafus at the Foundation Office 360-604-4022 or
Educator of the Year Award
Please complete all fields before submitting a nominee for the Educator of the Year Award. Don't forget to attach your criteria summary and letters of recommendation.

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2013 Winner

Educator of the Year 2013


Rachel Lookingbill is a kindergarten teacher at Pioneer Elementary School. Rachel is a gifted teacher when it comes to teaching. She patiently and carefully identifies the strengths and areas of need of each student, and collaboratively seeks the best strategies to fit those needs. A great quality of Rachel is her ability to ensure that all students, even those with challenging circumstances, feel valued and apart of the classroom community. Not only does Rachel know how to engage and teach to kindergartners, but she attempts to keep parents engaged in their child’s education as well. To highlight this, here is an excerpt of what a parent stated about Rachel:


The most important thing I love about Miss Lookingbill, and it has been far beyond any other teacher I have encountered is the communication she keeps with the parents. It truly is phenomenal. I have two other children in 4th and 6th grade and I have never had such amazing communication from a teacher. Usually there is only interaction if there is a problem or if there is a conference, not with Miss Lookingbill. I feel like I am up to date on exactly what they are learning each day in class. As a parent, this has been one of the most helpful tools in supporting my child at home. She not only sends home a newsletter each week but also emails it. The newsletter always reviews what they are doing for the week, information on homework, learning goals and lists about 10 questions that you can ask your child that will initiate conversation about what they are learning. I love this.


Finally, as important it is for students to learn, Rachel is able to make those learning moments extra special by creating lasting memories through activities that involved both the child and the parent. She has impacted and influenced student learning, inspired and provided for student success and is committed to all students.


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